What you need to know about the City of Sachse

Pronounced  – Sachse (/ˈsæksi/ SAK-see) or (Saxy/Saxie)

William Sachse, the founder of Sachse, came to the United States in 1840. At the age of 25, he secured 640 acres in Collin County and put into motion the events that would create modern day Sachse.

Incorporated in 1956, the City of Sachse adopted its Home Rule Charter in 1986 and operates under a Council-Manager form of government.

William Sachse
  • The City of Sachse has a very informative website and its very own museum run by our Sachse Historical Society.

  • For more information about businesses in Sachse, our Chamber of Commerce will be happy to help you. See their website for more details at www.sachsechamber.com.

  • The city of Sachse is a two-county city, Dallas and Collin. Depending on which county you purchase your home in determines which school district your children attend. Dallas county students will attend Garland ISD, which is also an open choice district, and Collin county students will attend Wylie ISD, which is zoned.

Annual Sachse Fallfest

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